Upper Medic – Your health care marketing partner

What is Upper Medic?

Upper Medic is a marketing company specialized in digital marketing for health care providers, we expert in providing effective and efficient digital marketing methods dedicated to suit health care providers.

Why Upper Medic?

  • Our Marketers are healthcare professionals
  • Our Strategies are fully customized to fit healthcare practitioners’ needs
  • We develop our plans to directly reach your potential customers
  • We produce original healthcare content
  • We produce creative, high quality and audience related media productions

How can Upper Medic reach my target audience?

According to analysis results we will identify your target audience, by location, interests, gender, age, health status, social class and behavior, then we use social media tools to accurately but your marketing assets (Articles/Videos) at your audience’s way.

Will Upper Medic guarantee results?

Yes, we’ve invested time in analyzing the triple arrow strategy, and it’s yielding perfect with minimum resources wasted.

We follow, analyze, modify and report campaign results, feel free to hire a third party auditor to audit on activities and reports.

What’s the Triple Arrow Strategy?

Let’s talk about the strategy of Upper Medic which has already proven its efficiency. What do we do in our lab? We move our instruments in the form of a triple arrow like Poseidon’s. The three components of our strategy are visual presence, written content, and precise targeting.

Visual Presence: According to an official report by Google, the visual presence of the physician in the video talking directly with the patients creates credibility, access to new customer segments and increases personal recognition of the doctor.

Written presence: How patients could decide how clever the physician is? We could detect that a patients often makes decision through paying attention to physician’s language, terminology, ability to deliver information smoothly and clearly and having the ability to answer their questions. This is achieved when the patient reads a high-quality article in a clear and easy language that answers key questions. All of our medical content is reviewed by healthcare professionals and we assure that they are written in an easily understood professional language that suits different patients’ educational segments.

Precise targeting: We carefully target different segments based on your very specific needs. We do target the surrounding area of your healthcare establishment considering major other perspectives that include: Age, sex, education, interests and behavior in order not to spend your budget on undesired potential customers.

What if I don’t act good with cameras?

We confronted that in our experiments, many people don’t feel comfortable when facing camera, Our media team is trained to handle that perfectly, and our medical copywriting team assists in script copywriting, too.

Can I book more than one package?

Upper Medic’s marketing system with triple arrow strategy is designated to fulfill marketing needs without being obligated to pay monthly, your marketing consultant from Upper Medic will help you choose the most effective/efficient package according to your needs, yet after distribution of your assets (Articles/Video), you can order another package.